MIB CAPITAL CORPORATION, was established in 1972 as Multinational Investment Bancorporation to make available a broad spectrum of financial intermediation services, arranging funding for businesses relevant to their changing requirements across their varied stages of development. Over the years, operating within an environment in a continued state of flux, MIB Capital has adopted optimum flexibility in the nature and delivery of our services. We have shifted business focus in anticipation of and response to the demands of our clients.

MIB CAPITAL is not owned by any family or vested interest group whose objectives or interest may conflict with those of the clients we service. The Company is completely independent and non-aligned, and it operates under a unique corporate structure which we call “Corporate Partnership” which imposes unlimited liability on our partner-officers for their professional acts involving conflicts of interest. This independence, professionalism and total commitment to our clients have given MIB Capital the widest latitude to deal with the broadest spectrum of selected clients and to work with any financial institution, domestic or foreign.

MIB CAPITAL is a non-aligned, professional and ALL Filipino institution.

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