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The Past Fifty

MIB Capital Corporation was incorporated in 1972 as Multinational Investment Bancorporation to make available a comprehensive and meaningful range of financial, investment and advisory services customized to the needs of our select corporate, institutional and individual clients.

Over a fifty year period, we provided capital raising solutions, addressing the varying and multi-faceted requirements of clients from a broad spectrum of industries: from manufacturing to services; from food and beverage businesses, real estate development, semiconductor assembly to power generation; from national to local governments. We made available our financial advisory services and rendered valuation and fairness opinions in support of corporate actions such as business mergers, acquisitions and divestments, debt to equity conversions, share swaps, tender offers, and listings by way of introduction.

Our projects have been uniformly successful, allowing us to make positive contributions to the development of the capital markets.

Operating within an environment in a continued state of flux, optimum flexibility and relevance served as guideposts in our service propositions. We sought to be nimble as we adapted to the changes in our client requirements: eliminating services rendered obsolete or uncompetitive by market developments and regulations, revising those that needed retooling and developing new services as the need arose in response to and anticipation of the needs and demands of our clients. We were client-centric, providing the services they needed rather than sell the services we had.

In the five decades since our inception, where many institutions battled for balance sheet growth by going public or through mergers or acquisitions, we stayed independent, non-aligned and all-Filipino, operating under our unique internal structure we call “Corporate Partnership”, imposing unlimited liability on our partner-officers for their professional acts involving conflicts of interest.

This independence, business dynamism and total commitment to and concern for our clients’ welfare gave us the widest latitude and utmost competence and focus in dealing with selected corporate and institutional clients across industries.

Transitioning to the Next Fifty

Fifty years after our commencement of business, as we embarked on our corporate journey to the next fifty, we deemed the time right to take another business turn. We chose to adopt a two-track focus:

  • On one hand, continue to provide relevant and meaningful financial advisory services to our clients, leveraging our proven competence and absence of conflict of interest in our service offerings and delivery, and
  • On another hand, pursue our corporate social responsibility with a deeper sense of purpose and wider breadth of committed resources.

  • We have taken a radical shift: giving equal regard to our for-profit and philanthropic activities and viewing them as two sides of the same coin. The reason for our being would continue to be our clients and from the services rendered to them would spring forth the growth and development of our institution that would then enable us to nurture, develop and provide enriching future to the members of our organization. But just as importantly, this would allow us to generate the wherewithal to undertake projects that would make a palpable difference in the lives of disadvantaged segments of our society. Multinational Foundation, Inc., our philanthropic arm, would move in lockstep with MIB Capital Corporation, our business enterprise.

    Taking care of our clients and our people and the people unable to care for themselves will be our continuing impetus to further our business.

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