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We invite you to a career in a fast paced and challenging business dealing in raising capital and providing advisory services for private corporations, institutional accounts and the government.

What are we looking for?

Integrity - We are looking for associates with sound work ethics. We demand complete absence of conflict of interest in our associates' professional acts.

Industry - We are looking for associates who have a healthy respect for deadlines and targets and are hardworking and relentless in their pursuit of excellence in everything they do.

Innovative thinking - We are looking for associates who are constantly driven to find better solutions to problems. We want associates who are comfortable with change and can, in fact, be active participants in the change process.

Intelligence - We want associates who have a huge appetite for new knowledge and skills. To the extent that academic performance is a reflection of intellectual capacity and discipline, we are looking for those at the top of their class.

Interpersonal skills - We are looking for associates who value teamwork and can work well with others.

What can you expect from us?

Career - We offer careers and not just jobs. We offer prospects for advancement at a faster pace than is provided by most other institutions.

Professional Development - We encourage our associates to learn something new, different and better each day. We do not establish limits to the scope of responsibility that our associates should assume. We commit time, effort, and resources to ensure the continuing professional development of our associates.

Fulfillment - We push our associates to the limits of their capabilities. We provide an environment where they can extend, expand, develop, express, and realize their potentials.

Recognition - We recognize associates solely on the basis of value flow. We adhere to a strict system of MERITOCRACY. We offer meaningful participation in profits based on individual and team contribution to institutional performance.

MIB Capital Corporation
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or get in touch with us through mib@mib.com.ph or 8171511-15.

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