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  • MIB Capital Corporation(“MIBCapital”)
  • MIBCapital was established in 1972 as Multinational Investment Bancorporation. It is our financial advisory company that provides a suite of capital raising solutions as well as valuation reports and third party fairness opinions in support of the strategic initiatives of select clients. MIBCapital was founded by Ramon K. Ilusorio together with Celso L. Samaniego.

  • The Corporate Partnership for Management in Business (“CPMB”)
  • CPMB was incorporated in 1969 as World Securities Corporation (‘WSC”). It renders management consultancy services and is the parent company of MIBCapital. WSC was formed by Ramon K. Ilusorio together with his management team at (the now defunct) Bancom Development Corporation as their personal investment vehicle, adhering to internal clearance procedures from said company’s top principals.

  • Multinational Foundation, Inc. (“MFI”)
  • MFI was set up in 1974 as our philanthropic arm. It currently pursues a five pronged program that makes education and training accessible to members of our country’s marginalized communities.

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