MIB CAPITAL CORPORATION, the lead institution of the Multinational Group, was established in March 1972 as a pioneering and innovative financial institution:

  • Conceived to develop and institutionalize the concept of Total Banking which makes available the widest array of financial, investment, advisory and related services to the broadest spectrum of select clientele.
  • Structured as a Corporate Partnership where its officer-partners pledge their personal assets to the institution to manifest their total commitment against conflicts of interest involving their professional acts.
  • Organized under the philosophy of Self-Reliance, requiring dependence only on internal resources and productivity for the institution's growth and perpetuity.

  • Our Services

    MIB CAPITAL CORPORATION (MIB CAP) is the oldest existing independent investment house in the country. We are one of the earliest and most active dealers in fixed income securities. We provide a full range of investment banking services that include debt and equity underwriting, loan syndication and advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization and financial restructuring.

    Our People

    Our people are our most basic yet most vital institutional resource. They come from diverse backgrounds but are equally motivated and strongly committed to the promotion of the institution's and our clients' interests.

    We promote innovativeness, dynamism and negative bureaucracy in our operation. We have a strong team orientation and nurture a learning environment supportive of our people's professional development.

    Our Clients

    Our clients include the country's most established corporations. Many of them have been with us since the very beginning of our operation.

    We view our relationship with clients as a partnership. Mutual benefit is the overriding objective of our every transaction with them.




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